A Quick Guide on Why You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy

For companies, reaching out to more customers is one of their key points for success. For this, digital marketing is one of the main types of initiatives that brands take currently to reach and retain technologically-savvy audiences. Statistically, the total expenditure on digital advertising globally it would potentially reach $441 billion

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Focusing on different digital and mobile channels promises you higher audience engagement, company growth rate, and digital transformation. But what are the main reasons to focus on creating and planning a digital marketing strategy specifically? This article primarily covers the importance of marketing strategy and the proper steps to prepare for that. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing: Reach, Act, Engage, Convert model

Source: pinklemonade.in

Digital media platforms are some of the many portals available for businesses to promote their services efficiently. In the context of what is a digital marketing strategy, understanding that is what you have to focus on first. 

Digital marketing revolves around meeting the advertising goals of a company through media and virtual technology. Companies combine media and tech for different marketing methods across an omnichannel virtual marketing system for other promotional plans.

The purchase journey of consumers at the current period goes through specific steps. Here, marketing experts should focus on certain factors for creating the digital marketing plan:

  1. Reach: Increase brand awareness by reaching out target audience 
  2. Act: Showcase the services or products in an appealing manner
  3. Engage: Help the right audience interact with the brand to gain loyalty 
  4. Convert: Lead them to buy your product or service and drive sales

Professionals handle different types of processes to create strategies with high success potential. However, for the best results, you need to evaluate and prioritize them first.

Advertising strategies of this sort concentrate on different types of digital portals and online channels, like social media and search results. Therefore, the strategic plans for digital marketing revolve around summarizing which online media channels and tactics would benefit a brand most. After that, it is profitable to promote the campaign across different media portals. 

Essential Digital Marketing Industry Metrics to Note

Latest digital marketing industry statisticsSource: miro.medium.com 

In this context of understanding advertising strategies for digital media and their importance, you must first consider the current industry metrics. Here are some exciting statistics that throw light on the relevance of digital marketing in the current business environment:

Considering all of these points, you should also create policies and campaigns for your business. 

Types of Digital Marketing Strategies Common for Customers 

Six types of digital marketing strategy most commonly used

There are several sorts of best internet marketing strategies that you may use to expand your audience engagement. Using a variety of digital marketing platforms can assist you in developing a well-rounded approach that will produce the most excellent results. 

Below are some of the top effective methods of online marketing to assist you in deciding which techniques would work well for your company.

  • Content Marketing

Content advertising relates to distributing valuable facts in the shape of blog articles, how-to tutorials, and some other instructional resources. In addition, the digital content strategy allows you to engage with your customers and respond to their inquiries. It can aid in the generation of leads and the closing of deals.

With the intended demographic in consideration, you should release information regularly. In a perfect world, your organization would become one trusted source in the market by generating high-quality, trustworthy information. You would like to have your target audience approach you immediately for news on current industry developments.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of producing information identically that search machines such as Google will score your website high for any search engine rankings page (SERP). Google employs algorithms to determine how appropriate your webpage would be to the terms the visitor is looking for. 

Such algorithms are updated regularly, and you must alter SEO methods similarly to stay effective. When you do this correctly, your SEO actions will push your website to the front of the SERPs, resulting in more genuine traffic.

  • Marketing on Social Networking Sites

Social media portals are utilized as an online marketing tool during social media advertising. For example, you may purchase ads to achieve a larger population. You could just build a page for your company on just about any social networking site and post about new items, sales, or newly published information. 

The social networking site you choose will be determined by the population you wish to attract.

  • Pay-per-click

Pay-per-click marketing is sponsored search advertising, such as Google Adwords and Bing Ad. This looks almost like the organic search outcomes, except it shows a small box labeled ‘Ad.’ 

You may purchase a high-ranking position through bidding based on phrases, geographic region, and demographics—this is very handy for e-commerce and local firms.

  • Email marketing

In a universe where everyone enjoys instant texting or Instagramming, email marketing might appear old-fashioned, yet it remains among the most successful digital marketing methods. 

Online retailing websites and general merchandise companies, in particular, are experiencing a great deal of traction with promoting seasonal specials and discounts. But, at the same time, email notifications can equally be used to ‘nourish’ your possibilities by providing them a bunch of value rather than just selling your goods and services.

  • Engaging via Website 

We don’t usually think of website design as a marketing tool, but your homepage is frequently the very first piece of contact between your company and customers. Hence, you want to create an excellent first impact. 

So it wouldn’t matter how many hours you spend establishing techniques if your website isn’t clear, simple to read, yet entertaining. You will continue to lose consumers. You need the design expertise to do this task alone. Then it’s worthwhile to hire someone to design a webpage that’s trendy, eye-catching, plus mobile-friendly.

Why Focus on Optimizing the Digital Marketing Schemes of Your Company

4 Stats why you should optimize your digital marketing strategySource: matchboxindia.com

Many businesses across different industry divisions plan on creating or are already using digital media for their promotional needs. As a result, many get the results they want, while others need to put more effort in, with limited results. 

Many of these brands that do not focus on digital media as a platform for customer attraction miss out on opportunities. Plus, several small-scale and enterprise-level businesses do not market to the right audiences on a suitable platform. 

Hence, for the best results, you should focus on creating a proper strategy for digital marketing and optimizing it as the priority. Here, taking the support of a high-quality development agency would benefit you. They are trained in making the best marketing strategies with high engagement and retention potential.

The best service providers try to understand their clients first and research market trends and target demographics. Then, they prepare competitive and strategic plans with high-quality content and interactive elements. Finally, the best companies provide top-rated marketing tools and continue optimizing their efforts even while a plan is already active. 

Setting a strategy with long-term benefits or choosing multiple initiatives would ensure continuous growth. 

Reasons Why Digital Marketing Strategies are Important 

Digital marketing quote: Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.

Source: miro.medium.com

An internet marketing strategy works like a roadmap for the company to meet its goals. The set objectives are in place, and the marketing plan meets that demand. Not knowing why your audience would need your products/services or even the fundamental points like the customer persona would adversely affect you from getting profitable results. 

With a proper digital marketing strategy, you can expect better reach and higher success rates. Here are the main reasons to prepare one. 

  • Better Ranking Potential for Your Website 

Today, most consumers concentrate on different online channels daily for their regular tasks and activities. Statistically, in 2020, US adults will spend around 7 hours and 50 minutes per day consuming different types of digital media. So naturally, search engines are one of the main things they focus on; users can quickly find different types of information through these portals. 

So, establishing a proper digital marketing strategy optimized for the search engine page results should benefit companies. 

Consumers go online for different types of research in their buyer’s journey to prepare the best buying decision. Therefore, SEO is an essential focus for brands here; a site or marketing ad with a high SEO ranking would appear higher on the SERPs. Therefore, when people search, they can find it faster. 

Hence, it is one of the main reasons you should focus on planning digital marketing strategies to increase the SEO ranking of your website as per Google’s algorithm. For example, add high-quality elements like images and avoid plagiarized content. 

Focus on content style and design, and serve your campaigns across different channels. These measures would potentially increase your site’s ranking, adding that to your strategy. 

  • Get More Conversions and Traffic 

Having a website with a high-quality SEO ranking is not beneficial unless you have the relevant content on your site. Visitors will convert into buyers if the content they see and interact with attracts them to trust a brand and its products. This is one of the main pillars of digital marketing and is a significant reason you should strategize. 

Here, hire web copywriters and editors to create high-quality data-driven content. Choose the right keywords to target consumer searches. Your site and content would see more traffic and conversions by targeting your content to the right audience and providing them with an easy-to-navigate interface to work with.

  • Understand the Technology-Based Changes in the Market 

One of the notable things about technology is that it is constantly adapting. Developers create different software, each with higher quality and features. So, keeping up with these developments is essential for companies selling their items and services. 

You should know the common trends in different sectors and consumers’ growing search engine algorithms. For example, virtual reality elements and interactive video attract consumers highly. Therefore, while preparing the digital marketing strategy, you would access such information and prepare accurate plans. 

  • No Integration Available

Most companies decide to conduct their digital marketing strategy in isolation from other promotional methods. Here, the activities are done in the IT department, through a specialized internet marketer, or under an external marketing agency.  

Packaging the digitized strategies together is convenient for most. However, the effect of this is not as influential on the consumers. Pairing digital media-based ads with response channels and traditional media deliver the highest results. So, creating an integrated strategy for digital marketing is crucial to improving your business goals and marketing activity.

  • Aimless Promotion 

Companies with no strategy cannot gain many clients across different online channels. Not to mention, they cannot properly develop and grow their current business-client relationships. 

That is the main thing to focus on to ensure high customer traffic and profits. You can expect better results through SMART internet marketing strategy planning and preparing your objectives through analyzed metrics. 

  • Know Your Online Audience and Your Market 

One of the main reasons many companies fail to grasp high profits is not knowing their audience well. Without a proper understanding of the audiences available through the online marketplace, one cannot prepare the right buyers’ persona or understand their behavior. Planning a suitable strategy with high-profit potential becomes difficult if you don’t know your target customers. 

Dynamics are different for various factors like personalized client profiles, propositions, competitors, and marketing communications. So, naturally, you have to properly study the market and target audience demographics to understand what advertising strategies would bring better performance rates, boost the ROI, and attract more consumers.  

  • Duplication Wastes Time and Effort

People who have ample funding squander them often to improve their current plans. This is notably true in giant firms, where you may observe unique sections of the marketing enterprise purchasing unusual equipment or employing exceptional corporations to perform equivalent internet advertising responsibilities. 

Hence, this is why a business should invest in a marketing approach that performs for them and their staff, one that allows businesses to organize, modify, and improve all virtual networks and sites. Then, generate the advertising results they want to achieve the business goals and optimize overall advertising Return on investment.

  • Lack of Robust Online Value Proposition

When you define your electronic value proposition in a way that is suited to your target market, you can differentiate your online business. It ultimately encourages both current and new consumers to interact and remain loyal. Entrepreneurs that are knowledgeable modify their marketing strategies to efficiently draw Business-to-business (B2B), Business-to-customer (B2C), and Direct-to-consumer (C2C) revenues and prospects. 

Establishing an omnichannel promotional plan for many firms is important because the information attracts your consumers across several channels such as search, social media platforms, email campaigns, and your weblog.

  • Prepare for New Trends

It’s vital to stay up to date on developments in digital advertising from a technological standpoint. Similarly, it’s also critical to understand what consumers are looking for online since that information might indicate where the sector is headed. 

Assume you’re informed of what is going on in the virtual environment. In such a situation, you could be prepared for possibilities that other organizations may pass up because they are not paying close attention to what their intended audience wants.

  • High-Quality Optimization is Not Available

Analytics are available to any company with a website. However, many top supervisors do not ensure that their teams produce them, nor do they have the chance to analyze and operate upon them. 

When your virtual advertisement strategy enables you to nail the essentials, you may continue to build critical components such as search advertising, website customer experience, emails, and social network marketing.

How to Create a Usable Strategy for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing quote: Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell.Source: speechsilver.com

Now that you know the importance of adopting a proper digital marketing strategy, create a usable one specific for your company. To do so, following an appropriate sequence of necessary steps is essential. Here are the main points to cover.

  • Understand your brand

Create or utilize brand specifications to describe your company and how this will appear within your online advertising. Consider your specific selling propositions (USPs), the personality of the brand, as well as the value proposition.

  • Prepare a primary consumer persona

You can choose who your company wants to contact with bespoke customer personas. Consider your users’ demographics and the incentives that lead them to pick your organization, goods, and services.

  • Set your tools and smart goals

This step is crucial to every skilled marketer. Your primary responsibility is creating objectives because your approach will fail without them. Next, make sure that the goals you created are appropriate and attainable. 

Set concrete, quantifiable, attainable, reasonable, and time-bound goals to influence your plan. Consider your organization’s immediate as well as long-term development objectives.

  • Prioritize blogging

High-quality data is an essential component of any online marketing plan. Blogging becomes a way to boost your content advertising strategy by creating high-quality material for your page. 

This critical strategy component performs several functions, including generating visitors to your homepage, reinforcing your social networking presence, positioning yourself against rivals, and promoting all of those long-tail web searches and keywords.

  • Analyze various digital marketing channels available

Examine your current digital resources and media, including your homepage, blog entries, social media accounts, particular phrases, branded content, Google Adwords, paid promotions, and so forth. Take this into consideration: how beneficial were these, and how might they be strengthened for another year?

It’s great not to use all of those elements in your upcoming digital marketing strategy, but you must use the most effective parts of the year prior.

  • Consider a budget

Investigate digital marketing prices to create a reasonable plan for your company. For instance, typical firms spend between $2500 and $12,000 every month on web marketing.

  • Plan your strategy

By designing your approach, you can guide it to success. For example, calculate your ad expenditure if you’re promoting. Create a content schedule if you’re going to be producing material.

  • Focus on mobile optimization

Currently, the consumer market is the mobile-first world; therefore, there is no justification for not customizing your website for better mobile interaction. Optimizing a website for mobile friendliness involves optimizing page speed, layout, and additional search engine marketing techniques. 

Therefore, ensure visitors who access your website via a smartphone have a positive experience. Examine your mobile adaptive layout and email themes to verify that you utilize the most up-to-date ways and only provide updated information.

  • Launch campaign

Implementing your plans, roll out your advertising place across all media channels. Ensure that all of your channels have the necessary tracking details. Your Google Insights tracking information, for instance, should be visible on your website.

  • Track all results

Tracking the effectiveness of your tactics allows you to evaluate and assess their usefulness. Use Google Adwords, Google Search Portal, and Google Advertising to track the performance of your tactics and their financial return (ROI).


Google as a search engine always keeps growing exponentially. There are now over 40,000 search queries submitted to Google every second, which equals over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

It only proves that digital marketing is among the most effective strategies to gain new consumers and achieve corporate objectives. 

Furthermore, digital marketing strategies provide several tactics, ranging from videos to emails to social media, to help you achieve your specific goals. Hence, digital marketing becomes the solution to improve sales, income, awareness, or commitment. This is the significant importance of marketing strategy.

You might have observed that to build a solid basis for a robust digital marketing plan, you must abide by two topics: objectives and specificity.

Make precise objectives and then specify the tasks you have to follow to achieve those. Now that you have equipped yourself with this information, you can further learn about various online marketing strategies and what they can provide for your company.

Jahnavi Vekaria is a Senior Content Writer at an E-commerce company, that has offices in India and the USA. With a savvy understanding of language and search, Jahnavi grew her love of the IT and SaaS industry's technical side, gravitating towards learning about SEO, audits, crawls, and other aspects of digital marketing. Jahnavi is a proud post-graduate of the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, where she studied Business Entrepreneurship in New Enterprise Creation. After starting her career as a Portfolio Associate, she realized her love for writing and has been an expert content writer since 2017. Outside of the office, Jahnavi spends her time watching lots of movies and shows like a nerd. She also runs a movie blog (Movies2binge.com) that recommends the best movies and shows to binge-watch. [Link: http://movies2binge.com/ at the word 'Movies2binge.com]


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