SEO Outsourcing – Everything You Need to Know About

Does your website figure anywhere in the top ten online searches?

If not, it is high time to get cracking on a website search engine optimization strategy.

We cannot stress enough on creating a well-structured SEO strategy and having a capable team execute it to perfection. With the world moving towards digitalization, companies need to make a mark in the virtual world by building a robust digital presence by reaching out to target audiences.

Know what can help?

SEO outsourcing involves hiring specialized freelancers or creative agencies to help your organization scale operations to rank higher on search engines and get noticed instantly. So, let’s dive in deeper and understand how hiring an SEO outsourcing company can elevate your business to the top position in the online world!

What Is SEO Outsourcing?

“ SEO is not something you do anymore, it’s what happens when you do everything else right.” Chad Politt, marketing strategist and author.

Ranking algorithms are complex and keep changing from time to time. They are getting harder to crack by the day, and you need to remain smart to optimize your content so that it gets noticed. This is where professional SEO management services makes a difference to your overall business objectives!

In simple terms, SEO outsourcing is handling website search engine optimization activities to an outside service provider. This is important because 68% of online experiences begin from a search engine; hence a specialized SEO marketing agency can put in the required time, effort, and expertise to ensure a strong online presence.

Goals for an effective SEO strategy


SEO outsourcing companies provide a range of specialized services that include link building, social media management, keyword optimization, and PPC ad campaigns. Therefore, it is important to scan the market, assess your business requirements, and then choose a reputed SEO outsourcing company. In addition, it should align with your organization’s long-term marketing strategy and branding objectives.

While hiring an SEO marketing agency, it is essential to set clear, measurable goals and agree on an action plan with time-based targets. In addition, you must track monthly progress and go through real-time reports to succeed in achieving your SEO objectives seamlessly.

The Do’s and Don’ts Of SEO Outsourcing

Did you know that Google uses over 200 factors in its algorithm for ranking websites?

This means that your SEO strategy has to be on-point to ensure your website comes up in the first few search results. Building a perfect website is quite a challenging task, but an SEO outsourcing company can help you optimize content and insert the right keywords to rank high on online searches.

With the mushrooming of SEO outsourcing agencies, it is crucial to make the right decision to avoid the trap of losing money by investing in a company that provides inefficient results. Choosing the right SEO outsourcing company is half the battle won! Make sure to understand your business needs, discuss your budget, and chalk out measurable goals with your SEO outsourcing firm right in the beginning. Remain updated on the latest SEO trends so that you can brainstorm with your SEO provider and contribute valuably in formulating your long-term blueprint.

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Here are some do’s and don’ts of SEO outsourcing that can help you ace the game and reap the best results in the long run.


  • List Your Goals For Outsourcing Your SEO: It’s important to be goal-oriented while outsourcing your SEO requirements to a third party. Of course, different companies have different objectives in mind when outsourcing search engine optimization, but you need to list them down for greater clarity and organizational visibility. 

Some of the most common goals for hiring an SEO outsourcing company include:

  • Harness relevant SEO-related knowledge and technical expertise in technical marketing campaigns.
  • Boost organic search results by developing an intelligent SEO strategy that includes content development, link insertion, and distributing optimized content through various digital channels for a wider reach.
  • Cut down on your SEO budget by moving from in-house SEO operations to professional services.

Once you know your specific goals with the expected timeline, it will become easy to choose the perfect SEO outsourcing company to match your specific business needs.

  • Follow The Right SEO Outsourcing Method: While the concept of SEO outsourcing may be new to you, it is essential to know that there are various methods. Therefore, when you invest in SEO marketing agency, discuss the various methods with them to ensure that you make an informed decision about an SEO method that will give you a cost advantage and suit your business model. Some common SEO techniques include:
  • Link Building Services: This is a great service for organizations looking to obtain backlinks for their websites and company pages. 
  • SEO Services From Freelance Platforms: There are many freelance agencies where you can pay for any specialized managed SEO services as a project at pre-decided rates.
  • Comprehensive Services From An Agency: Many SEO outsourcing companies provide managed SEO services packages to cover all your content marketing needs. They also provide supplementary services such as SEO digital marketing agency, advertising agency, email marketing agency, and inbound lead generation agency provides.
  • Choose The Right Type Of SEO Outsourcing Agency: Your SEO strategy can greatly impact results! A massive boom in the SEO industry has led to multiple SEO outsourcing services companies in the market. However, with this level of competition, it is often difficult to make the right choice and pick the ideal SEO outsourcing agency that follows the best techniques for your business.
  • The White Hats: The white hat SEO agencies utilize the best market practices to provide relevant content with well-labeled images. They perform structured data analysis, and conduct content audits to focus on compliant HTML standards, unique page titles, and good sentence structure.
  • The Black Hats: The black hat SEO firms use techniques that Google deems to be unethical. They promote duplicate content with invisible text and keyword stuffing. In addition, these types of companies encourage cloaking or redirecting users to another site or webpage. The number of SEO agencies offering these services is very rare and comes at a hefty and expensive cost.

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  • Research The SEO Company’s Performance: It is crucial to invest in the right SEO outsourcing company to ensure they deliver results. So before you jump in and provide your website’s credentials to a third-party service provider, make sure to research their performance and know their history. Talk to the SEO company’s previous clients to check the results and ask a few questions such as:
  • What are the keywords that the SEO firm focuses upon, and what specialized techniques do they use to make your website stand out in organic searches?
  • What are the high-ranking blog pages or websites that the SEO outsourcing agency has handled?
  • Has the company received any industry awards or recognition for their work and the value-add in their domain?


SEO equals greater visibility


  • Expect Outsourcing Agencies To Work Without Guidance: Remember, an outsourcing SEO company will never understand the exact nature of your business, corporate goals, and products. It is imperative that they work under the guidance and supervision of your in-house marketing and IT team members for the best results.

Onboarding is also crucial as it will help your SEO outsourcing organization gain a clear understanding of your business model. This enables the third-party service provider to use the right SEO tactics and strategies to develop quality content with the right keywords and backlinks. 

  • Hire  A Company Unaware Of The Latest Advancements In The SEO Domain: Search engine optimization company is a dynamic sector evolving at a rapid pace. This is the prime reason you need to invest in an SEO outsourcing company that is aware of the latest developments in the field and does not use obsolete technologies and tools.

If you want to make a boom with your game plan and increase organic traffic, you need to choose a top-notch firm aware of the latest trends and updates in the SEO arena. With tons of new advancements, from voice search to mobile first indexing and constant algorithm updates, the SEO field is fast-paced. Make sure to take the advice of an SEO consultant to ascertain that the strategies used by your prospective SEO outsourcing company are relevant in the modern landscape and will make a solid impact on bottom-line objectives.

  • Expect Instant Results: SEO is not a magic pill that can boost visibility and organic traffic to your website in an instant! Remember to be patient and give your SEO outsourcing organization time to work on strategies and tactical plans.

In simple words, trust the process! Once you choose a reputed SEO management service, let them decide what methods to use and help them facilitate processes, rather than questioning the experts at every step. SEO outsourcing is a collaborative process that will yield results if done positively and help you navigate the playing field seamlessly!

  • Forget To Align SEO Strategies With Marketing Goals: Your SEO hacks and marketing plans are different sides of the same coin! It is essential that your SEO outsourcing company brainstorms with your in-house marketing team to align corporate goals and remain on the same page.

Align SEO strategies with marketing goals


Identifying benchmarks is the starting point for your SEO outsourcing company and marketing department. They need to work in tandem to define SEO and content metrics such as the total number of backlinks, organic traffic, and keyword insertion. Your marketing team can help an external SEO company distribute content through maximum channels for greater search visibility and a wider audience reach.

Top Reasons To Outsource Your SEO To A Specialized Agency

Are you trying to elevate your SEO strategy to the next level?

Hiring an expert third-party SEO outsourcing company is the solution as it can drive up traffic and ensure that your web pages rank high on local search engines. Since 57% of marketing professionals agree that on-page content development is the most effective SEO tactic, it is good to rely on a specialized SEO outsourcing firm to handle your content development.

If you are still on the fence about recruiting a good SEO outsourcing firm to help your business break the digital landscape, think no more. Check out our curated list of top reasons to outsource your SEO and instantly stand out in the online world.

  • No Learning Curve For In-House Team: SEO is a vast subject that requires a lot of time and patience to master. The Google guidelines change rapidly, web pages and SEO experts need to understand the algorithm configuration rules to ensure high online visibility. 

Your in-house team may end up spending hours trying to learn a new subject; hence it is best left to the experts – all you need to do is outsource your SEO and sit back to reap the benefits!

  • Keeps Your Business Ahead Of The Competition: It is no secret that outsourcing your SEO will help your business remain competitive! The online world has fierce competition, and if you are not putting up optimized content, you may get left behind in the race. 

Outsourcing your SEO to a professional service provider will ensure that your business website and web pages are easily discoverable on search engines. SEO experts will do the right thing to ensure that your website is not hidden on the second or third search pages; rather, it comes up in the first few names. This is the best way to get the attention of online visitors and stay ahead of business rivals in the digital world.

  • Helps To Cut Down Costs: Undoubtedly, your cost savings will be one of the biggest advantages of outsourcing your SEO processes. If you handle SEO in-house, you will need to invest in hiring a team of professionals, office space, equipment, and the latest technology. 

Outsourcing your SEO to a specialized company will be a far more cost-effective option in the long run. You can hire an SEO outsourcing company at a fixed cost on a project basis and recruit freelancers who work on a  per-hour payment model. However, make sure to discuss any extra or hidden charges while finalizing your SEO service provider to avoid additional costs.

  • Host Of Ancillary Services: SEO outsourcing means that you get a wide range of ancillary services that can boost your market standing and help you tap into niche audiences in the virtual world.

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Professional SEO service providers promote optimized content over various distribution channels such as websites, social media platforms, webinars, and newsletters. You can also ask your SEO firm to redesign your website, avail yourself of pay-per-click advertising services, and revamp your email marketing strategies – the sky is the limit!

  • Proficiency In Technical SEO Aspects: SEO is no child’s play! Ensure that your business does not handle SEO in-house if you don’t have the required skill or expertise. 

An SEO specialist can instantly make informed and intelligent decisions to push up your website in organic search results. In addition, a trained SEO team will have the required talent and knowledge to come up with detailed strategies to compete in the cluttered digital space.

A high-ranking webpage requires several SEO methods that are successfully integrated. In addition, there are many technical aspects such as website redesign, redirects, backlink insertion, and metadata that require a high level of technical expertise. Hence, it is better to outsource SEO services to an experienced firm with the requisite skillsets to deliver fast and effective results. 

  • Save Tons Of Time: Running a business is challenging – you need to do a million tasks in a limited period! Outsourcing your SEO will enable your in-house employees to prioritize more pressing tasks as they will not spend time optimizing content daily.

SEO planning, design, and structured implementation is a time-consuming task. Relying on a dependable SEO outsourcing company can help you get faster and better results than trying to handle everything on your plate.

Mind-boggling SEO statistics


The Final Word

Search engine optimization company is the latest buzzword in business circles. They can help your website increase traffic levels and ensure better reader engagement.

Relevant content with the right keywords, backlinks, and headings can help your webpage figure on the top in search engine ranking. Get hold of an experienced SEO outsourcing company to help your website gain much-needed traction in a short period.

Average if not good enough anymore! It is time to get cracking and hire the best SEO outsourcing agency to surge ahead of business rivals and beat the competition. 

A logophile by heart, Supriya loves to research and write about the latest technology and trends. She believes that writing is the best medium to influence people in a positive way and has 3+ years of writing experience.


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