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About Cordlife

With over 50 centers, Cordlife is one of the largest umbilical cord stem cell banking companies in India. They have established a quality system and proven track record of reliable cord blood banking services.


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Cordlife's state-of-the-art processing and storage laboratory in India is where your baby's stem cells are extracted with the best industry practices and advanced equipment. All cord lining and cord blood samples are treated with equal dedication by our qualified biotechnologists.

We pride ourselves on these stringent standards and guarantee that your baby's cord blood unit will be screened, processed and stored according to the strictest international quality assurance programme. Transplant physicians are more likely to accept an internationally accredited cord blood unit, compared to a unit which is not.

Why Cordlife?

  • Proven Expertise & Quality Assured
  • Internationally Recognised
  • Most Medical Therapies
  • CellOptima™ Assurances
  • Quality Guarantee
  • 360° Lab Tour

Pricing of Cordlife:

  • Stem Cell Banking at Rs.990*/ Month

What people say about Cordlife:

1. Hesiba Jacob (Hyderabad)

Stem Cell banking is an essential modality of healthcare for newborns. With many recent advances in the field of stem cell therapies, I believe it has enormous advantages in the future, especially for diseases which cannot be treated in the present day. Cordlife was the most reliable and obvious choice to store my baby's cord blood.

2. Mrs Savitha and Harish Rao (Mumbai)

Cordlife has given us the peace of mind. At least now we know that our precious little baby is protected for life. The entire experience had been amazing right from the day one and hats off to the Cordlife professionals for making this entire experience a remarkable one.

3. Sahil Lachuria (Bengaluru)

Cordlife offers Quality in every aspect. Their approach is ethical, transparent and scientific. I wish them well in their future endeavours.

4. Sarika Parakh (Kolkata)

The Umbilical Cord is the link between a mother and her baby, and the same is useful to cure diseases for the entire family, if required. So hat's off to cordlife for preserving the Cord and ensuring that the link between mother and baby is extended to entire family, and maintaining that link forever.

5. Deepa Nangia (Kolkata)

Cordlife contains in itself the core of being alive. As a life giver, i am proud to be associated with the cord blood bank because it holds the very essence of the life i have produced, and acts as an insurance agent for the health and wellness of my family.

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