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The Human Resources Department (HR) is the most significant division in any business organization. In fact, it is the heart which drives blood to the business. As stated by a well-known Management Consultant, "the human resources are the most significant module of an organization." The advancement of Internet and Information Technology has made it easy for organizations to keep up-to-date with the hottest HR trend – HR Software. The Software promises ease, comfort and instant support to HR personnel. Though technology cannot substitute human behavior, it can surely help in its management.

What is HR Management Software?

HR Software, HRMS or the Human Resource Management System is the software developed for easy, effective and critical management of personnel in an organization. The software is mainly controlled by the HR department. The software offers them precise and real-time data over a single exclusive platform. The system also integrates the accounting and payroll management modules for creating an absolutely automated and hands-free experience.

Why Should You Use HR Software?

An in-depth and flexible HR software can support you to manage staff accounts, navigate staff info, track payroll statistics or tally leaves and attendance. Why jumble around with print documents or excel spreadsheets while you can achieve everything on a single platform - compiled and organized by the HR Software? The software mainly provides 3-fold benefits. These are:

  • Employee engagement through employee self-service
  • Real-time access to data for superior decision-making.
  • Decreased administrative load on HR teams due to the all-automated arrangement

Appropriate operation and attainment of these benefits mostly rest on the robustness of the system. Apart from the above benefits, the software lets HR professionals create reports without any trouble.

Essential to Have HR Software As a Part of your Business:

Gone are the days when the number of employees was invariably small in an organization. With the huge industrialization and technological advancement, the demand for employee facilitation has increased to quite an extent. One can no longer go for manual maintenance of the employee records which are growing in complexity terms. Hence, it is highly recommended to facilitate automation systems like HR Management Softwares for better provision of streamlining the Human Resource Management Solutions.

Human resources software is also aimed to help organizations cope with every aspect of their HR operations which includes: 

  • Sourcing
  • Recruiting
  • Applicant tracking
  • Personnel tracking
  • Onboarding
  • Time and attendance
  • Payroll
  • Performance reviews
  • Learning management

What are the ways in which HR Software can improve your HR Processes:

The HR software solutions offer several application modules. These modules make HR teams stress-free and let them use their time in calculated planning for the organization.
The important modules are:

  • Recruitment Management
  • Performance Management
  • Leave and Attendance Management
  • Payroll Management

The HR software enables the user to make the above modules fully automated and centralized. Given below is a detailed explanation on ways the HR software can improve your HR processes. These ways are sure to increase the output of your organization’s HR division.

Recruitment Management

HR software can ably assist in the process of recruitment. While the economy is favourable, a company must attempt to recruit new workforces. Even if there is no current opening, the HR department must keep collecting Resumes of skilled and talented applicants. Thus, when an actual opening arises, it can quickly be filled with the ‘perfect’ candidate. The HR Software can assess an organization’s current personnel usage and requirements. The process of gathering applications and shortlisting the preferred candidates can be handled effortlessly by the software.

Payroll Management

The payroll system, without a doubt, functions to confirm that every single employee is provided the ‘correct’ salary. The payroll system gathers figures on employee work hours, leaves taken, and overtime.  It can compute taxes and dues to create and credit multiple employee paychecks simultaneously.  The payroll module of the HR software ensures that there is no postponement in the regular payment of the employees, as this can bring their morale down. Any delay or confusion in the salary of the employees poses a grave risk to the growth of the organization itself. Hence, payroll is the most significant task executed by the HR Software. It can also assist in the planning of tax payments in addition to the year-end tax submission.

Leave and Attendance Management

The work-hours put in by the employees is the most significant factor for any organization. The HR Software can assist the organizations to arrange flexible working hours for their employees. Before calculating the payroll, the software takes into account the number of work-hours put in by the employees and also the leaves taken. The modern day advanced HR Software utilizes the Swipe Card System for ensuring accurate leave, time and attendance management.

Features of Human Resource Management Software:

  • Extensive database solutions
  • Cross platform synchronization for better compatibility of the human resource software with the system requirements.
  • Inclusion of various modules like Payroll Systems, Employee Self-Service Systems, Recruiting and Onboarding Systems, etc.
  • Excellent user interface and greater ease of navigation.
  • Automated response systems for effective handling of various user queries 
  • 24*7 support systems for dealing with performance issues. 
  • Decentralization of data facilitates better data management.
  • High security standards to prevent any loss of information in the existing database
  • Reduced time complexity solutions compared to the manual operations
  • High end visual representation and report generation for analysis purposes.

Potential Risks Involved in the use of Human Resource Software:

  • The hrms software are highly prone to technical glitches which in turn might result in the loss of existing data.
  • The software needs constant updation to be in compliance with the latest technological improvements.
  • Although the software provides de-centralization of the human resource management system, once the core system goes down, the other hr management systems are affected in a likewise manner.
  • Any un-authorized access to this software can effectively put the organization’s data at stake.

Things should Keep in Mind while Buying HR Management Software:

  • First of all, it is a must to ensure that the hrms software is highly compatible with your human resource management system specifications.
  • Secondly, one should ensure that the user interface is highly user friendly.
  • Thirdly, the time complexity of the individual operation should be checked to avoid any inconvenience in the future.
  • Fourth, have an eagle’s eye for possible security issues that might put your organization or business data at stake.
  • Fifth, check for the availability of individual modules as per your business requirements.

The Scope of HR Management Software Today & In Future:

Investing in an HR software has become necessary in today’s corporate environment. The greater the workforce, the more is the need for a precise HR Software system. It has become obvious that the software is highly beneficial to both – Employers as well Employees. The success graph of any organization hinges on its HR personnel and the technology they use. A user-friendly and easy-to-use HR Software makes everyday business procedures smoother and operative. The HR software is the best way to bring-in data centralization, data privacy and data security. Together with data confidentiality, the software enables a smooth work-flow and higher productivity for the Organization. Moreover, today’s HR Software come with fully customizable options that can do miracles for your business.

HR management software has also indefinitely helped in the cut down of a lot of manual operations and facilitated better Employee Data Management Solutions for a lot of businesses worldwide. It is thus predicted that with the increasing technological innovation, this hr management system software is definitely going to bring in some excellent features for providing excellent business performance on a greater scale. The HR Software solutions involve the handling of various modules that enables effective employee data management for present and future references.

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