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What Are Job Portals?

A job portal is basically an intermediary between the various candidates seeking job profiles online and the corresponding business organization involved in the recruitment process. These portals come in various levels and some of the most popular ones make it to the biggest brands in the market. These portals primarily host various job profiles which are currently open as the per the brand requirements. Once you successfully navigate to these portals, they provide a list of the profiles along with the corresponding links through which one can successfully apply for a job (s).

Importance Of Job Portals In The Current Scenario

The job portals are deemed highly important in the current market scenario, owing to their widened scope of targeting talent resource pools around the globe. Also, the searches are made convenient and with the portals provide competitive pricing strategies for hosting of recruitment processes in the run and are in fact, the most effective mass appeal platforms targeting a various levels of candidates from all over the world.

Features Of Job Portals

The key features of this job portal are basically divided into two main categories, considering the perspective of the candidate and the corresponding business organization.

Key features from a candidate’s perspective
  • Application of smart filters as per the job preferences.
  • Great user interface features for easy navigation criteria.
  • Easy search criteria for job vacancies, referral job searches, etc.
  • Mail and contact your friend feature for helping out a fellow job searcher in finding out a particular job posting.
  • Personalized wish list of job profiles for the candidate.
Key features from a business organization’s perspective
  • Simplified solutions through the implementation of extensive CV database.
  • Effective banner management and integration of social media.
  • Vacancy and candidate hiring administrative policies.
  • Featured list of jobs for easy posting on the given job portal.

Advantages Of Job Portals

  • Greater reach and widened scope of targeting the various talent resource pools.
  • Comparatively cheaper than the usual recruiting process held by the corresponding business organization.
  • Very convenient search criteria and applicability of various filters for narrowing down the job options as per preferences.
  • Full time continuous support and better assistance in terms of the whole of the recruiting process.
  • Presence of state of the art filters and widgets help easily identify the most suitable candidates who can be effectively shortlisted for the corresponding job profile.
  • Constant and regular updates via email and mobile subscriptions as per convenience of the candidate.
  • These job portals are usually quite an efficient time saving option since the biggest part of the recruiting process is covered within minutes through posting on these portals.

The various job portals in the existing market have revolutionized the way the hiring process takes place for recruitment of best talent in the market. With the implementation of latest technological innovations, the way job portals function can be accentuated to a completely different level, operating over a comparatively broader scale at large.

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