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About NovaCord

Fortis Gurgaon hospital by NovaCord & the Center for Cellular Medicine. Expertise is available for both banking stem cells and treating patients using advanced cellular therapy procedures.


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NovaCord receives the collected cord blood unit, our professional staff will check all the documents and log the unit into our data base, then the cord blood will be transferred to the highly controlled laboratory where the stem cells will be processed, tested, and a freezing stabilization reagent added. The concentrated stem cells are then carefully cooled using a controlled freezing technology and finally preserved in -196°C liquid nitrogen in our GMP cryogenic room. Chain of custody is always controlled with two staff members checking each critical step to ensure the cord blood bar code serial number is accurately matched to the records. Every test result also has two staff members review for compliance to our internal and governmental guidelines. All of our liquid nitrogen long term storage tanks are equipped with a computer monitoring system and an auto alarm system. Therefore, the cord blood preservation is always and absolutely secure until the time the family may need the unit.

Why NovaCord?

  • Cord Blood Banking: NovaCord uses the latest technologies for collecting, processing and storing your baby’s cord blood.
  • Transportation: NovaCord ensures your cord blood unit is collected and transported to our laboratory in a timely and efficient manner. During the transport, the unit will be handled by our own trained employees and qualified airlines. We ensure every step of the journey is properly controlled.
  • Processing the Stem Cells: The cord blood arrives into our laboratory in the collection bag you received in your welcome package. Our expert scientific staff must then concentrate the stem cells through a delicate and sophisticated process, ensuring that we maintain the cell count and quality.
  • Cryopreserving the Stem Cells
  • Controlled Rate Freezing: This is the first step in the freezing process. We use very sophisticated computer controlled liquid nitrogen systems to slowly freeze the sample.
  • Long Term Liquid Nitrogen Storage: Upon completing the controlled rate freezing step, the frozen cell pack is placed inside a stainless steel liquid nitrogen vault where it remains until required.
  • Automated, functionally closed, sterile system for volume reduction of blood components.
  • Consistently provides high recoveries of stem-cell rich MNCs from cord blood.

What People say about NovaCord:

1. Pooja Yadav & Mohammad Kaif,

To begin with I have to say that the service and professionalism of the staff of Novacord is absolutely excellent. They are true professionals with just the right amount of personal touch. Kaif and I are very happy that we chose to go for the cord blood cells banking option, knowing that this is definitely the way of the future. Thank you for everything. We'll be contacting you whenever we plan our next lil bundle of joy: )) Keep up the great work.

2. Roshni & Siddharth,

We are very happy we chose Totipotent as our cord banking partner, your personalised service and compassion made us feel comfortable and your team has explained things to us in a clear and concise manner. We look forward to interacting with Totipotent and yourself in the future, and know that our cord blood is in safe hands at your labs.

3. Gurinder Kapoor & Surbir Kapoor,

Novacord has been really good at rendering it service. As we had very limited information on stem cells, the Novacord team was very helpful in providing the appropriate information as and when required by us. The team was present right before the delivery to collect fresh stem cells. I would like to thank Fortis la femme and the Novacord team for spreading awareness about such a crucial thing which could be very beneficial for our little one in the future.

4. Devika Chadha & Vipul Chadha,

Devika and and I were more than satisfied with your services. Staff especially Mr. Sagar was were helpful and cooperative. We will be more than happy to recommend Novacord services to anyone who requires them. 

Thank you once again. We have a beautiful girl with us now and we are satisfied that her future is secured at Novacord.

5. Komal Kapoor & Sumit Kapoor

A very prompt and satisfying service with a great promise. Regular updates and awareness about the future prospects and developments in the field to the clients would ensure great success for this enterprise.

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