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Best Point Of Sale Pos Software Companies in 2021

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What is POS - Point Of Sale Software?

Majority of retail business stores all around the world have resorted to the implementation of Point Of Sale software. Acting more or less like a manual register documenting various cash transactions, this particular software finds specific application in brick and mortal retail businesses. Also, this software keeps compliance with the Inventory System, thus providing greater feasibility for hassle free operations. 

Nowadays, the presence of a highly effective Point Of Sale system is considered mandatory for smoother functioning of any retail business. If the POS software is implemented in combination with advanced system technology and creative marketing strategy, better business standards and greater financial growth of your business is a sure-shot guarantee! 

Why Is It Essential To Have POS System In Your Business?

A point of sale system software basically provides greater automation and high business standards in the brick and mortar retail industry. The various features and extensive digitization of the business done through the implementation of the software helps in better streamlining of operations on the whole. Improved sales, greater accountancy solutions and excellent business standards prove highly beneficial for the corresponding business. 

Some Outstanding Features:

  • Faster checkout solutions for better operations in terms of sales management
  • Highly efficient inventory tracking and monitoring facilities for greater control over resource usage
  • Detailed maintenance reports and customer profile generation.
  • Extensive database solutions and highly efficient data support system 
  • Mobile application for monitoring and tracking of information on the go
  • Payment card industry agreement for enhanced trust building with customers 
  • Extensive reporting and graphical mapping tools for critical analysis 
  • Full time customer support solutions 
  • Fully customizable user interface with easy to use solutions
  • Cross platform synchronization for better compatibility 

Some Pros Of Using A POS Software

1) Newer Billing Systems: The POS system can be loaded on to the tablet or smartphone. For a small business, this can be the best way to generate a bill for customers. For example, if you have a website, your online shopping cart can be integrated with the POS system on your tablet. Customers who buy online can also use the same POS system.

2) Cheap and Portable Option: You can carry your POS systems everywhere you go as long as it is loaded onto your tablet or smartphone. Cloud-based systems are cheaper and the set-up cost isn't very expensive. The benefits offered to small mobile businesses are amazing!

3) Financial Reporting: Small businesses cannot afford bookkeeping and taxation services to track their papers. But POS systems have in-built bookkeeping and taxation software. You can go through the reports and generate your tax data in a matter of minutes. Hence, with your POS system, the filing of your tax returns will become easier.

4) Track Customer Data: Everyone needs to track current customers in order to generate leads for new customers. You can collect email IDs, generate newsletters or gift cards, start a loyalty programme, track favourite purchases, set up a notification for out-of-stock items etc. You can do all this with the help of POS system.

Some Cons Of Using A POS System

  • Lack of efficient security may pose difficulty in maintaining confidential records.
  • Presence of an internet connection is necessary to maintain streamlined updation of data and facilitation of backup 
  • Centralization of the system done using this software creates potential risk of combined failure of the systems
  • The compatibility of the software requirements and system specifications, if not maintained properly, can lead to loss of critical data 
  • Presence of technical glitches in the system can lead to substantial loss of data.
  • POS System are often prone to attack by unauthorized users leading to stealing of essential data 

Impact Of POS System On Small Business

Large/multinational businesses have employed POS systems for many years now. These POS systems are robust, highly customized and sophisticated. Tablet-based POS systems enable small, consumer-oriented businesses to efficiently avail business benefits. These tablet-based POS systems can be customized for small businesses with a specific functionality. Because of this, smaller businesses can optimize in the following ways:

  • Understand well enough what sells best and re-evaluate the offerings
  • Manage business expenses, employee productivity and inventory
  • Engage the customers with loyalty rewards and other promotional offers

For a small business, it is important that their POS system offer functionality and configurability to address their business needs, and enhance the connection with its target market. Intelligent POS systems come with flexibility and customization, so that it fits the whole business package. For example, integrated payment processing decreases the need for lengthy decision making and uncertainty.

How to Choose a Point of Sale Software for Small Business

In case of inventories, organisation and consistency is the base. Imagine having a system that can automatically log all the factors in real time and save them to a database across a network that you can access easily. Also, you can have a detailed analysis of data with which you can see popularity, sale price and timing of the products. The thought of employing new technology in your business can feel a little exhausting. But with POS systems, everything becomes user friendly. They allow the staff to be focussed on the customer, along with physical preparation, sale of products, etc.

Many manufacturers and suppliers have started with statistical feedback that enables them to change their services with the needs of their customers. POS systems have numerous packages and applications. Once you obtain the basic hardware, you can choose the other tools and services that are beneficial to your business. A good POS software is very valuable to a business and they are cheap in terms of price. You do not have to invest large amount of money as POS can help you to maximise your savings.

Latest Trends In POS Software Industry

The Retail Industry is a dynamic sector which has evolved over the years. Presently, online shopping is giving tough competition to the retail sector. As a result, the retail sector is unearthing unique ways to survive through the brick and mortar system.

The one thing which the industry is trying to improve is the Payment System. More and more players in the retail industry are now adopting the Point Of Sale (POS) system. With futuristic technology trends coming in for the POS system, the present transaction framework will be drastically changed for betterment.

The following are some of the latest trends as far as the POS software is concerned:

  • Enhanced Use of EMVs: To combat fraudulent payments by the not so secure cards, there has been more focus on the EMVs - Europay, Mastercards and Visa Card. The function of these cards is the same, however the conventional magnetic stripe is replaced by a microchip. The microchip makes both, the card and the transaction process, more secure. 
  • Tablet-based Point of Sale: Tablet-based POS systems incorporate payment through tablets which people are already familiar with. The benefit is that the customers and the shop employees are already familiar with the user interface. Shoppers can check out easily through such a tablet-based operating system which barely takes much time. These tablets for payments can be taken to exhibitions or out of shop sales. This increases their functionality.
  • All-In-One Point of Sale: With new and forward looking technologies, customers can now do multiple payments simultaneously through Point of Sale software. The  Integrated Value Additions is a feature through which customers can shop and pay simultaneously in malls, post offices, etc. The system is being adopted up by many as it provides a lot of ease and the comfort of shopping under a single roof to the customers. It is less expensive to maintain as well. 
  • Augmentation in Mobility: The best part about POS is that it does not involve a hefty or complicated set up. It is wireless and easy to set-up and maintain. The cashier does not have to sit at the counter to avail the payments. The credit goes through the incredible wireless system. In various places, people would not like to walk up to the counter to pay. For example, the observation is evident at an eatery, restaurant, bars or even at hospitals where it would be better to bill the amount at the patient’s room rather than causing him/her inconvenience. Mobility is a boon that POS offers. This makes the business more approachable and customer friendly.
  • Cloud-Based POS: With the cloud-based system, shopkeepers can easily pool in data from anywhere around the world. For people who give franchise of their companies in various locations, the POS software can be of great help in managing the sales and keeping track of the books. Even for a small scale businessman who can not be physically present at the counter all the time, the POS system works as a miracle. Also, the shopkeepers can track their worst and bestselling products and formulate suitable business strategies. Sales and transaction histories are other value-added benefits of a POS system. 
  • However, Cash is Immortal: Even with the plastic currency ruling the market, the cash will not lose its benefits and to say precisely – its charm. There are many reasons for this. Till the year 2016, there was about $1.39 trillion cash still in circulation. India makes 68% of payments through cash and US does 40% of its transactions by hard money as well. However, digital payments through POS system are the future for sure!

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