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About ReeLabs

ReeLabs is most trusted stem cell banking company in Mumbai, India. ReeLabs also offer stem cell treatment like amniotic sac, amniotic fluid & umbilical cord blood banking facility. 


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ReeLabs are fascinated by the prospect of utilizing the potential of Stem Cells to change the life of people. It is amazing that the remedy for any degenerative ailment is available from within the body. The scientists at ReeLabs have worked diligently for the past 5 years to develop protocols which harness the true potential of Stem Cells for controlling disorders like Diabetics, Osteoarthritis, Chromic Renal failure, Cerebral Palsy, Autism etc. ReeLabs has a Patent application to its credit for the pioneering work in the processing and the use of Stem Cells.
We have developed expertise in collecting and separating stem cells from all the available biological material namely, Umbilical Cord Blood, Cord, Placenta, Amniotic Sac, Amniotic Fluid, Bone Marrow, Adipose Tissue and Menstrual Blood.

At ReeLabs, we have a robust team of Scientists and Clinicians which is at the fore front of fundamental research in Stem Cells. We believe in creating a community of researchers and practitioners who are bound by their interest in stem cells and contribute to each others understanding of the subject.

Why ReeLabs?

  • Capacity of stem cells for extensive proliferation and multiplication.
  • Effortless differentiation into desired cell type or tissue.
  • Effective Integration into surrounding tissue after transplant.
  • Function well for approximately the duration of the recipient's life.
  • Avoid harming the recipient in any way.
  • Ease of administration during treatment.

What People say about ReeLabs:

1.Stem Cell Therapy in India for Cerebral Palsy,

When Vithul Tambe was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, his parents tried consulting a lot of doctors, but weren't happy with the results. One day a relative suggest they try stem cell therapy from ReeLabs. Hear their story.

2. Stem Cell Treatment in India for Spinal Cord Injury,

After a train accident in 2003, Rajesh Gupta injured his spinal cord, which lead to a lot of problems. Watch how stem cell therapy from ReeLabs is helping him lead a better life.

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