The 21 Best Marketing Campaign Examples Of 2023

Getting new customers to buy your product or subscribe to your service is like climbing up a mountain, especially when you have a lot of competitors on the same mission as you. To get an advantage over them, you must have an extraordinary ‘weapon’ in your arsenal that can conquer the competition.

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Marketing campaigns can certainly be that ‘weapon.’ Companies have spent a significant amount of money over the years to design and run the most successful campaigns that help them convey the right message to the right audience and achieve their goals.

 Best marketing ad campaigns of 2022


In this blog-cum-guide on successful marketing-cum-ad campaigns, we will discuss the best 21 marketing campaigns in 2022, as well as the fundamentals of marketing campaigns.

We will try to understand the idea behind these ad campaigns and whether or not they were successful in conveying the marketing message.

What Is A Marketing Campaign?

Marketing campaigns, also known as ad campaigns, are innovative ways to promote products or services via various marketing channels such as television, radio, print, and online platforms.

Marketing campaigns are typically designed to achieve one or more goals. The campaign goal can be anything from establishing a brand to raising brand awareness, increasing conversion rates, introducing a new product, or even curtailing the impact of any negative news.

Based on the campaign’s goal, companies can create a marketing plan, and decide what type of ad campaign is required, what resources will be needed, how much the entire campaign will cost, and which mediums will be the most effective in reaching the target audience.

What Are The Types Of Marketing Campaigns?

Marketing campaigns can be further classified based on their objectives, marketing channels, markets, regions, and duration. Some of the most common types of marketing campaigns are:

Types of marketing campaigns

Among these, the most sought-after marketing strategies are:

  • Viral marketing
  • Radio advertising
  • Product launch campaign
  • Digital marketing campaign
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine marketing

What Are The Steps For Successful Marketing Campaigns?

To reap the maximum benefits of the campaign or achieve all of the defined goals, your marketing campaign must be well-planned and well-executed. The steps for successful marketing campaigns are as follows:

Step 1: Specify the purpose and goal of your campaign.

Step 2: Plan how you will assess the success of your campaign.

Step 3: Define your target audience.

Step 4: Select the best individuals to make the team.

Step 5: Pick the medium/marketing channel for the campaign.

Step 6: Plan advertising strategy and digital marketing strategy. 

Step 7: Chalk out a campaign timeline.

Step 8: Track progress with advanced analytical tools.

Step 9: Fine-tune the campaign strategy as needed.

You can certainly achieve your ad campaign goals religiously by following these steps.

Top 21 Successful Marketing Campaign Examples 2022

1. Dove– #ReverseSelfie

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy

The first best marketing campaign of 2022 that we like the most is Dove’s Reverse Selfie ad. We like this commercial for two reasons: the message it conveys and the manner in which it is conveyed.

The Reverse Selfie campaign aims to eradicate the unrealistic and false beauty standards that have been propagated over time by the advertising industry and the media.

The advertisement depicts a 13-year-old girl who heavily edits a photo of herself before posting it online. The action then reverses, undoing all the tweaks and staging that created that image and revealing the shockingly young girl behind it.

The ad illustrates how far retouching apps can distort beauty. Overall, the Dove campaign aimed to boost confidence and positive body image on social media.

Along with the video marketing ad, Dove also released a set of posters and ran an effective internet marketing campaign. Each poster is divided in half to show the natural faces of girls vs. heavily edited versions. The images were also accompanied by a powerful message.

2. Turkish Airlines: Pangea

Advertising Agency: Whale Amsterdam

It is a fact that the aviation and tourism industries have come to a standstill during a worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Market leaders have tried various methods and marketing campaigns to revitalize both of these sectors.

In a similar attempt, Turkish Airlines– the world’s largest airline, has launched a new global marketing campaign centered on the concept of Pangea– the supercontinent that existed millions of years ago.

The campaign begins with Morgan Freeman narrating an inspiring message about connecting people and the world. “And today, there is still a force connecting those separated by distance,” recites Freeman in his iconic voice as computer-generated continents move closer together, seemingly pulled together by a Turkish aircraft.

The message focuses on how Turkish Airlines connects the world, given that the airline flies to more countries than any other airline. The message also emphasized how we are all connected, no matter where we are in the world.

3. ClickUp– Declaration

Advertising Agency: ClickUp in-house creative team

This year, the SaaS startup ClickUp made its debut on advertising’s grand stage– the Super Bowl, alongside the world’s biggest brands.

The promotional “Declaration” is a striking and hilarious take on the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It also stresses how having all your work in one place makes the world more productive and saves people time in any century!

The commercial begins with the signing of the Declaration of Independence by the founding fathers in Philadelphia in 1776. Unfortunately, the latest version appears missing from all early drafts and revised versions.

Luckily, “Tommy” comes to the rescue with an up-to-date ClickUp task for the occasion. He steps in with a laptop, saying there’s no need to worry because he saved the document as a ClickUp document.

Putting aside their quills and inkwells, the men– the founding fathers, simply clicked their signatures to sign the declaration and started celebrating their independence.

4. Hawai’i Is Our Home

Advertising Agency: Hawaii Government

Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, known for its 750 miles of pristine coastline dotted with volcanoes, ancient culture, and rich cuisine that gave us poke bowls.

However, as with the majority of these tourist destinations, Hawaii– the largest island in the United States, is dealing with irresponsible tourists who are littering the island, threatening its natural beauty and wildlife, and causing other environmental problems.

Hawaii’s government has launched a campaign to address this issue and educate visitors. The video ad shows scenic views of Hawaii, including its wildlife, beautiful coast, beaches, ocean, people, exotic marine life, and irresponsible tourist behavior.

Along with the scenery of Hawaii, the text conveys a message about how unique Hawaii, its wildlife, and its culture are. The marketing campaign encourages visitors to share kuleana (responsibility, privilege) during their visit to Hawaii.

5. E*Trade: Off The Grid

Advertising Agency: MullenLowe, NewYork

The E*Trade baby, who first appeared in their commercials a decade ago, made a grand return in Super Bowl 56.

In an ad titled “Off the Grid,” the E*Trade baby is encountered by two executives who try to persuade him to return. The executives tried to persuade the hesitant baby to return, telling him that inflation was rising and that people were leaving their money in bank accounts rather than investing it.

While the baby does not appear to be convinced or eager to return, he is quickly persuaded when the executives tell him, “They’re taking financial advice from memes.” He spits out his drink and says, “I’ll get my onesies,” agreeing to come to the rescue.

The ad concludes with the baby flying out of the woods in a helicopter while Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” plays in the background.

6. Vivo- #JoyOfHomeComing

Advertising Agency: Dentsu Impact, India

The excitement and enthusiasm during the Diwali season in India simply cannot be described in words. And corporate giants always try to capitalize on this festival to brand their products through creative marketing campaigns.

Vivo launched a new marketing campaign focused on those who miss their loved ones and family members during these holidays.

The ad, which features Kanwaljit Singh and is supported by a strong narrative, communicates Vivo’s effort to strengthen relationships and bring families together through its smartphone photography functionality.

The commercial begins with an elderly man who has made his family capable of settling abroad and lives alone in a lovely big house. However, the distance between him and his children haunts him.

During the stay, a young traveler develops a bond with the elderly man (played by Kanwaljit) and realizes how much the elderly man misses his family.

He then posts multiple happy pictures of himself and the elderly man on social media. Kanwaljit’s daughter and family discover the pictures and realize the craving behind the smiling face.

It is indicated that a picture is worth a thousand words – the children are then seen returning home to celebrate Diwali with their father, creating a moment of pure joy.

7. Tesco- Ramadan

Advertising Agency: BBH, London

Tesco– a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer, made a splash on the eve of Ramadan with an innovative billboard campaign aimed at fasting Muslims.

The digital ‘out-of-home’ campaign features an array of empty plates during the day that fills up with meals as the sun sets to represent Iftar– the meal eaten by Muslims at the end of each day’s fast during Ramadan.

The phrase “Together this Ramadan” is held over the plates, along with the line “in honor of everyone fasting, these plates only fill up as the sun goes down.”

Running on billboards in Muslim-majority areas such as Brent, Birmingham, and Bradford, the campaign remained on digital screens for up to three hours after the sunset, with no other ads running.

Tesco’s innovative and inclusive marketing campaign drew applause from all quarters.

8. CPB London– ‘Imagine’ campaign

Advertising Agency: CPB London

Whether we accept it or not, gender bias remains a major societal problem in our time. NGOs, governments, and individuals are all making efforts to eradicate this one of many social evils. A similar attempt was made by the London-based advertising agency– CPB London. 

Imagine ad campaign by CPB London


To commemorate International Women’s Day 2022, advertising agency CPB London launched an inspiring marketing campaign centered on this year’s theme– ‘Break The Bias,’ to spark productive conversation for International Women’s Week and beyond.

The campaign posters ask you to question your own inbuilt bias by imagining people in positions such as nurses or CEOs and then ask yourself whether you instantaneously imagined that person to be a man or a woman.

CPB’s creatives were advertised across the UK via multiple channels and social media platforms. It was also promoted by campaign supporters such as Creative Equals, Goodstuff, Assembly, and Open Media.

9. Swiggy India: Santa Open To Work

Advertising Agency: Dentsu Webchutney

Like Diwali, Christmas is a major festival that businesses try to capitalize on to market new products, raise brand awareness, or connect with potential customers.

Swiggy– an Indian delivery app, launched #SantaOpenToWork, a quirky marketing campaign for its instant pick-up and drop-off service Swiggy Genie, in which Santa looks for a new job now that deliveries are taken care of.

The advertisement depicts Santa reaching out to thousands of potential employers through various mediums such as LinkedIn, digital ads, emails, flyers, business cards, posters, and even a video resume to land another job.

The video was accompanied by an actual LinkedIn profile that lists Santa’s accomplishments and humorous posts aimed at recruiters.

To generate even more interest, the company has placed posters across offices, targeting employers directly. Office workers can tear the contact information and share it directly with each other and their HRs, as well as view Santa’s video resume online.

10. McDonald– #25ActsOfHappy

Advertising Agency: DDB Mudra

McDonald’s never failed to impress us with their witty, pointed ad campaigns. So far, the company has created and executed several successful marketing campaigns worldwide.

In a similar fashion, to commemorate its 25th anniversary in India, McDonald’s India launched the #25ActsOfHappy campaign, in which the brand launched 25 big and small activations to put a smile on its customers’ faces.

For the first act– #MemoryBites, the company runs a social media marketing campaign asking customers to post on social media about their favorite McDonald’s memories while tagging McDonald’s India and then wait for a tasty surprise to arrive in their inboxes.

McDonald’s also collaborated with well-known FMCG ITC Ltd. to include a unique fruit beverage called B Natural in the Happy Meal.

According to a company spokesperson, the #MemoryBites campaign was hugely successful.

11. Cadbury Supporting Local Retailers

Advertising Agency:

Cadbury advertisements and Diwali go hand in hand. Every year, the company releases a quirky, moving marketing campaign with an inspiring message. The year 2022 was no exception. However, this time the advertisement focused on local vendors and small businesses rather than the product.

The company launched a campaign in collaboration with and created a hyper-personalized campaign featuring Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan. The advertisement encourages people to support small businesses across the country.

The ad made the ad stand out among others was the use of AI technology. The campaign gives local small businesses the opportunity to make SRK their brand ambassador! created four digital avatars of Shah Rukh Khan for this campaign, one for each of the four categories of stores in the Cadbury distribution network: Fashion, Footwear, Kirana, and Electronics.

Using these templates, store owners all over India can be featured in the Cadbury Celebrations Diwali campaign, which is personalized for each viewer.

12. Domino’s– Mind Ordering

Advertising Agency: WorkInProgress, USA

We’ve seen several brand collaborations for creative campaigns. But this time, the collaboration was genuinely unique and never-seen-before!

Domino’s– a leading American multinational pizza restaurant chain, collaborates with Netflix to launch a first-of-its-kind mind ordering app ahead of the season four premiere of ‘Stranger Things.’

The commercial begins with a visual of “Hawkins National Laboratory-1986,” where an experiment is being conducted on a character who resembles “Eleven” from Stranger Things to determine whether she can order pizza through her mind power or not.

The visuals then cut to Dustin and Lucas, two other well-known Stranger Things characters, cycling to a Domino’s restaurant in Hawkins. When they arrive at the store, they notice that the lights are flashing—a sign of paranormal activity that usually occurs when the character Eleven arrives at that place via her mind.

The store employee discovers a new order ticket in the machine when the lights stop flashing. The ad concludes with Domino’s delivery van approaching a Hawkins Lab, implying that Eleven has indeed placed that order via her mind.

This marketing campaign by Domino’s was much liked by Stranger Things fans around the globe.

13. Heineken– The Closer

Advertising Agency: Publicis Worldwide

The Closer ad by Heineken is the next marketing ad on our list of the best marketing campaigns of 2022.

The line between work and life is blurred due to remote working. According to a survey, the average working hour has increased by 2.5 hours. These additional working hours are certainly impacting employees’ work-life balance.

To address this growing work-life imbalance, Heineken created a humorous commercial introducing a technology solution called The Closer. The Closer is a high-tech bottle opener that immediately shuts down all work applications when a bottle of Heineken is opened.

The film portrays several working people who are overburdened before all of their equipment abruptly shuts down as soon as they open a Heineken bottle with the Heineken opener.

The creative team created 55 shots for the ad, which included CG and animation shots. The team also employs technology such as VFX to bring the visuals to life.

14. Coors– Plastic-Free Packaging

Advertising Agency: Droga5, USA

To encourage sustainable packaging, Coors– an American brewing company, announced that it would no longer use plastic rings in its packaging and would instead use fully recyclable and sustainably sourced cardboard-wrap carriers.

In addition to contributing to plastic pollution, the difficult-to-tear rings have been known to kill turtles and other marine animals that become entangled in them or ingest them accidentally.

The Coors ad “Meet Our New Plastic-free-six-packs” begins with statistics and information about how plastic is non-recyclable, how Coors pioneered recyclable aluminum cans in 1957, and how they are committing to Sustainable Types of packaging materials once again by becoming the largest beer brand in North America to remove plastic rings from six-packs.

Later, the ad stated that the company intends to remove 400,000 pounds of plastic rings from the environment by 2025. The ad concludes with a catchy tagline: “Buying beer shouldn’t mean buying plastics.”

15. WeTransfer– Please Leave

Advertising Agency: Stink Studios

WeTransfer– an internet-based computer file transfer service, has launched a creative marketing campaign called “Please Leave,” which aims to get people off the internet and back into the hustle and bustle of real life.

With the new brand campaign, WeTransfer endeavored to draw on its heritage as a company that values putting people first, both online and offline.

The advertisement depicts two distinct personalities: one stuck at home on the internet and the other out exploring the ‘real’ world.’ The ad attempts to explain how the latter person is wasting their life by being stuck online while the other is living their ‘true’ life.

Long story short, the campaign aimed to draw attention to the new reality that digital technologies often serve as a distraction from productivity and the unique role that WeTransfer plays in assisting people in reclaiming their time with straightforward and user-friendly tools.

16. Rocket Mortgage– Certain Is Better

Advertising Agency: High Dive, USA

Super Bowl is one of the events that businesses look forward to the most each year to launch their new ad campaigns. Every year, a number of fresh, creative commercials air during the Super Bowl.

One of the many ad campaigns that premiered during the 2022 Super Bowl that we thought was quite impressive was “Certain Is Better” by Rocket Mortgage. In addition to taking first place in USA TODAY’s 33rd Annual Super Bowl Ad Meter Competition, the advertisement effectively communicated the brand’s message.

In the advert, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan explain that making decisions based on being “pretty sure” is never the best course of action, particularly if those decisions involve choosing to fight actor and former professional wrestler David Bautista.

The commercial concludes with a message: ‘pretty sure’ isn’t enough when it comes to buying a home. Rocket can help you figure out how much home you can afford.

17. IKEA– Every Home Should Be a Heaven

Advertising Agency: Mother, London

IKEA– a Swedish furniture retailer, launched a campaign called “Every home should be a haven” to stress the importance of feeling content in your home.

The commercial features some muscular stuffed bears who do their best to protect a father and daughter’s quality time at home from disruptions while also joining in on the fun. The larger-than-life cuddly toys did everything they could to ensure that the family could enjoy a relaxing evening at home without interruptions.

The marketing campaign attempted to convey the importance of having the space you need to deal with life’s stresses using the retailer’s product line.

18. Cheetos– It Wasn’t Me

Advertising Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, USA

Cheetos’ It Wasn’t Me was another quirky commercial that aired during the Super Bowl and successfully grabbed our attention.

The advertisement stars actress Mila Kunis, her well-known husband, actor Ashton Kutcher, and Shaggy. The commercial cleverly references Shaggy’s big hit song “It Wasn’t Me” from 2000.

In the advertisement, Mila avoids her husband’s confrontations at the counter, on the sofa, and in the shower, tossing aside the stolen Cheetos bag and attempting to conceal her illicit cheese dust prints that have spread throughout the house.

Kunis looked to Shaggy for advice when Kutcher discovered her—with orange Cheetos crumbs on her hands and mouth. 

Kunis initially had no response to Kutcher’s question, “Did you steal my Cheetos again?” On the other hand, Shaggy has a suggestion for Kunis: “Just tell him it wasn’t you,” he says casually and confidently.

This was followed by a catchy musical exchange between Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.

Unfortunately, by the end of the video, Mila cannot pin this crime on Shaggy, who refuses to be accused again and ensures Ashton that it wasn’t him this time.

19. Doritos 3D

Advertising Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, USA

Another snack commercial that aired during the Super Bowl that we liked the most this year was Doritos featuring Matthew McConaughey.

McConaughey appears in the commercial, explaining that he hasn’t been “feeling like himself” lately as he flaunts his completely flat body. “Life used to feel fuller,” he said as he flew through the air while attempting to catch a football throw before disappearing from view when he turned to the side.

Throughout the commercial, a flat, paper version of McConaughey is shown struggling to do the things he’d do if he wasn’t squished so thin.

He struggles with driving his convertible, ordering a cup of coffee, appearing on talk shows, playing football, and going for walks.

The commercial concludes with McConaughey discovering the solution in a package of 3D Doritos.

He effortlessly enters a vending machine stocked with the snack and begins munching on the cheesy, crunchy, puffed snack. McConaughey transforms back into a 3-dimensional human after eating a 3D Dorito!

20. McDonalds– Can I Get Uhhhhhh?

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, USA

Another creative ad that featured during the Super Bowl was of Mcdonald’s.

The commercial, which stars Bubba Wallace and Kanye West, begins with a woman pulling up to the McDonald’s drive-thru window and being baffled by the plethora of menu items available.

She is not alone in her inability to make a decision. As the ad progressed, we saw everyone from children to Kanye West, Bubba Wallace, and the classic McDonald’s character, Grimace, gaping at the menu and babbling the sound “Uhhhh.”

Although the woman eventually decides on chicken McNuggets, she returns to her “uhhhh” state when asked about her sauce choice to go with them.

The marketing campaign attempted to draw attention to McDonald’s extensive menu, which includes various delectable items.

21. Planters- A Delicious Debate

Advertising Agency: VaynerMedia, USA

Former “Community” co-stars Ken Jeong and Joel McHale team up in a Planters Super Bowl commercial.

While savoring some Planters Mixed Nuts at a bar, the comedic duo got into the nuttiest snacking debate: do you eat your Planters Deluxe Mixed Nuts all at once or one at a time?

Ken prefers to eat them one at a time, whereas Joel prefers to eat them all at once. Jeong takes out his phone and asks the internet to respond, not realizing that such a simple decision would spark chaos. 

A minute later, people inside and outside the bar where the actors are seated are enraged over the “debate” over mixed nuts.

The ad invites viewers to join the debate by using the hashtag #PlantersAllorOne.

These were the top 21 marketing campaigns of 2022 that drew the most attention. The fact distinguishing them from other commercials is that these ad campaigns have successfully conveyed the exact message they want to deliver to the target audience. Each advertisement left a lasting impression on viewers’ minds about their offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing campaign is a powerful tool for brands because it helps them reach their target audience, build brand identity, successfully launch new products, mitigate the impact of negative news about the company, and so on.

The three stages of a marketing campaign are awareness, consideration, and conversion.

Some advertising examples include Dove's ReverseSelfie, CBD London's Imagine, Heineken's The Closer, and WeTransfer's Please Leave.

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